Qingdao, China

Mechanical and electrical engineering show an increasing integration of mechanics with electronics and information processing. This integration is between the components (hardware) and the information-driven functions (software), resulting in integrated systems called mechatronic systems. The development of mechatronic systems involves finding an optimal balance between the basic mechanical structure, sensor and actuator implementation, automatic digital information processing and overall control for which embedded systems play a key role. The field of embedded system is getting more and more challenging, and issues in development of embedded software are attracting attention of an increasing number of researchers both in industry and academia. The goal of 6th IEEE/ASME MESA, MESA’10 is to bring together experts from the fields of mechatronic and embedded systems to disseminate the recent advances made in the area, discuss the future research directions, and exchange application experience with respect to the conference themes.

   IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

Technical Co-sponsors
   National Natural Science Foundation of China
   ASME Division of Design Engineering
   Chinese Academy of Sciences
   Chinese Association for Automation
   Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
   IEEE Control Systems Society

Paper Submission Requirements

Manuscripts must be electronically submitted through the conference website Submitted manuscripts should be at most six (6) pages in IEEE two-column format, including figures, tables, and references. Please use the LaTeX style file or Microsoft Word template available from the conference website to prepare your manuscript. All submissions MUST be in PDF format.